AI824 Andara Chakra Set 98 grams

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Andara  CHAKRSet 98 grams

This is a specially selected set of 7 Chakra Coloured Andaras, perfect to lay on the Chakras prior to meditation.

Find attached here information on the main in-body chakras.

There are many meditations on line that would be great to accompany these Andaras…here is just one short ten minute meditation we found on you tube.

We highly recommend doing regular chakra cleansing and clearing meditations.

These Andaras can easily be used when working with clients. Andaras  do not hold any negative energy, and we suggest every so often allowing them some time outside in the sun and on the earth.

These small pieces are also perfect to pop into one of our Macrame necklets to wear.

For these beauties, we believe no words could possibly do them justice, so we ask that you simply gaze at each photo, and FEEL deeply with your heart.  Only then will you understand the beauty and perfection that they are.

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