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Lemurian Aqua Gift  Set

Discover the Enchanting Lemurian Aqua Gift Set, featuring our Andara Lovers Lemurian Aqua Andara Oil, a Lemurian Aqua Merkaba, and a carefully chosen 15-gram Lemurian Aqua Andara crystal. We’ve also included a Macrame Basket Necklet, allowing you to wear the merkaba or Andara with ease.

To enhance your meditation experience, the entire set has been charged with Tesla’s scalar energy, inviting memories of Atlantis and Lemuria to surface during your practice. This meditation kit is a perfect choice for water enthusiasts, water grid workers, and those with a deep connection to the ocean, waterways, and marine life.

Lemurian Aqua Andaras:

Unveiling Ancient Wisdom and Spiritual Connection

Nestled in the enigmatic realm of Lemuria, these aqua-hued Andaras hold the key to unlocking ancient wisdom and connecting with the Lemurian legacy. Lemurian Aqua Andaras resonate with the heart of Gaia, awakening memories of an ancient civilization steeped in spirituality.

As bridges between the heavens and Earth, these crystals facilitate a profound inner journey, rekindling your connection to age-old traditions and the knowledge of Lemuria. They carry the ancient wisdom of our world, offering a multidimensional experience that embraces both the old and the new, aligning with the pure intentions of Lemurian achievement.

These crystals are the beacons of the New Atlanteans, guiding souls on a path of inner transformation and unity consciousness. Through their activations and remembrances, they aim to restore balance and harmony to our world through the power of love.

Let the frequencies of Lemurian Aqua Andaras be your guide as you embark on a journey to unlock the mysteries of Lemuria and contribute to a brighter, harmonious future on Earth.

Appearance varies, from clear aqua to radiant golden hues, reflecting the diverse experiences they offer. Some may evoke memories of mermaids and mermen, enchanting beings associated with the wonders of the sea and the harmony between the human world and the ocean’s mysteries.

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Weight 80 g

using AI211 Andara, merkaba &
White macrame basket

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