Shekinah Rose Andara 44 grams (AI525)

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This High vibration Andara will activate the Divine Feminine Shekinah energies and open the user to the highest, most divine form of love, AGAPE love, the love totally without judgement.

They contain sacred codes that will activate the guardian, and all who view them. In addition, magenta ray activations will raise the vibration to enable the attainment and understanding of spiritual divinity.

The Shekinah Rose used on its own will clear and awaken the Heart Chakra, lifting  spirits to feel the purest, most gentle vibration of love. The Lilac Shekinah will bring much spiritual insight, whilst clearing and opening the Third Eye Chakra. 

“In your Holy Higher Heart space, you hold the inspiration of Grace – the guiding force of the sacred Shekinah Rose Ray …You are held in Divine Mother’s Rose of Radiance, becoming the beauty of the Bloom, that was seeded within the Cosmic Light of her glorified garden. You are the Gift, the Grandeur and the Glory …Love is Victorious …all blessings of Prosperity and Peace be upon You…” 

“The Shekinah Rose Ray blooms and beautifies your highest heart intentions for sacred service as a Christed being, as the Beloved, as the Blessing, as the Bringer of Light.”

These magnificent pieces radiate LOVE in its finest form.


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Weight 44 g