AI490 Rainbow Andara 30g with Isis & Osiris Spray

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Set contains one Rainbow Andara 30g with custom Isis and Osiris meditation Spray 50ml.


Message from this special Rainbow Andara, as well as from an Isis Egyptian Andara from our personal collection.

We were asked to blend a special Isis and Osiris frequency spray to accompany this Rainbow Andara, as she had an important message to convey.

Bring forth the greatness of humankind. The time is here.

Stand up and be counted for this is the time of reckoning the subjugation of the spiritual masses

Never has there been a time so great in history that we will render populus complete.

Explimemtary mixes of bravery are opening the portal pathways for light to flood in.

The light will prevail

Nothing can stop the avalanche of what is to come

Some will not be not be able to hold the energies, and these will choose to be released and sent back to rest, as their mission will be complete.

Others will hold the energies, strong and firm.  The strong will hold the tide.”

When Charmaine received the message to do a chanelling, in the first instance she was shown thousands and thousands of people in Egypt bowing down to the leaders, she freaked out and stopped, then was told to finish the chanelling, as the message was not finished.

She then took the Rainbow Andara and she kept saying “I have something to say, I also need to speak.”

So this is the chanelling from her….all 30g of her, strong minded little thing she is!

The tide is being pushed back. The chosen ones are here to do the work.The strength of these that stand will be remembered for eons to come.

Aointed in their love, compassion and greaness. They will be known as the “ Anointed Ones”

Ones from all walks of life, young, old, poor and rich.

God does not judge those that follow his work.

Lift up thy arms and give praise to the Divine Presence that carries us through all adversity.

We are humbled by your presence.”






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