Rainbow Andara 34 grams (AI452)

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Somewhere, Over the Rainbow….

As I opened the carton containing these delightful pieces, and unwrapped the first colourful piece of eye-candy, I heard the song “Somewhere, Over the Rainbow”  with such clarity.

These delightful Rainbow Andaras totally thrill the senses. They are light, delicate, playful, and have such a fine high, heart based vibration. They radiate peace, love and happiness, and encourage us to look for the beauty within and outside ourselves.

They clear, cleanse and energize our chakras and energy field, filling us with beautiful clear, perfect colour radiating throughout our Rainbow light body.

They have us looking for the rainbows after the rain, the silver linings in the storm clouds. They encourage us to look beyond what may be occurring in our world and create the most perfect colourful world of our dreams. They dare us to dream, and dream BIG, in full colour. They encourage us to play with colour, get creative, surround ourselves with vibrant beauty, and most of all, to follow our dreams.

These pieces may contain every colour of the rainbow,, or only a couple of colours, and yet even the pieces with less colours seem to hold the energy of the entire rainbow.

“The light within me is the light within you

I am the reverend leader of Love

Sanctity is my pure joy

Feel me sing my song of love and joy through the portals and the energetic frequencies of my light

I am the Rainbow of your soul“

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