AI443 Dragons Blood Andara 35 grams

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This colour Monatomic Andara is referred to as Dragons Blood.

History is filled with myths and legends of dragons. They have long been known as the guardians and keepers of esoteric knowledge, their blood said to restore and maintain health and energy.

It is this knowledge, courage and vitality that will be activated within the guardian of this divine Altar or Temple piece, whose very shape is reminiscent of a Dragons head.

This stunning piece also contains sections of the most clear and divine red, it is truly a collectors piece worthy of any collection. 

This divine andara will lift your heart skyward, whilst clearing, energising and purifying your physical body.

 This piece will be holding an integral position in an upcoming grid with many of our stunning Galactic Andaras, as well as an incredible Organite/Andara Dragon creation. Once this is complete, this will be activated to galactic and intergalactic energies, and will be available for adoption





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Weight 35 g