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Lilac Andara 36 grams

The Lilac Andara holds the key to unlocking spiritual insight and awakening the Third Eye Chakra. This enchanting energy not only clears and opens the Third Eye, it also raises the vibration through magenta ray activations. This elevation in vibration enables individuals to attain a deeper understanding of spiritual divinity, granting them access to higher realms of consciousness. 

Scalar Activated – Jacaranda

As a Liquid Tree practitioner, I know the simple purpose with humanity of the Jacaranda tree is Ethics. Spiritual aspect: she activates the dream state about life choices. Increases the effectiveness of study, activating the heart, third eye and crown chakras, and all their associated paths of communication. It may look calm and gentle, but it is a major teacher in the high laws of love. Its potent force cuts through rubbish and keeps people accountable. ‘Where Wisdom finds Love, the result is Powerfully expressed, completion is found.” (JMA)

After writing a blog post on the Jacaranda tree, (read here) it occurred that activating Andaras to the frequency of the tree would be an amazing way of gaining clarity around life choices. Any time you feel at a crossroad, work with this Andara to connect heart and third eye to your crown chakra. The answers you require will come during the dream state.

To enhance the process, we will supply a bottle of a Liquid Tree remedy to take over a 21 day period. It will assimilate in the body the 7 days after, then remain effective for a period of 28 days. We will also pack it in its own Lilac carry pouch. 

This set contains one Lilac Andara, 36 grams **One bottle of Liquid Tree Remedy **One Roller bottle of Andara oil, all contained in a pretty Jacaranda coloured laser pouch.

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Weight 36 g

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