AA430 New Earth African Andara Altar Piece 290g

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New Earth Andara Altar Piece

The African Andaras are calling for larger pieces to amplify their energy across the globe. These powerful stones can serve as stunning centerpieces for grids, altars, or outdoor spaces. Their unique, heart-centered energetic frequency is awe-inspiring.

Not everyone will resonate with these Andaras due to their intense energy, which works harmoniously throughout the physical body, balancing chakras, meridians, and auric fields. They excel at opening the third eye and connecting with Source and Grace. By removing outdated obstacles, they make way for fresh ideas, health, and love in your spiritual journey.

These Andaras are versatile, aiding in various situations and even helping you find lost items. Their nearly colorless appearance with a touch of champagne shimmer can change under different lighting conditions, sometimes displaying ethereal rainbows.

While working with these Andaras, we must remain conscious and intentional. High intentions yield the best results, as the energy moves more slowly on this plane. The time between intention and manifestation varies per individual, but with pure intentions, instant manifestation is possible.

On a physical level, these Andaras enhance breath, heal the heart, balance the thymus, and improve circulation. They are especially beneficial for those seeking transcendence. Embrace the calling of these remarkable New Earth African Andaras and open your heart to their blessings.



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