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New Earth African Andaras

At this most auspicious time on earth, these are calling to humanity and asking all to open their hearts and receive their blessings. The Energetic frequency is unique – they are truly amazing Andaras.

These New Earth Andaras have a very strong Energetic Frequency, and not everyone will be attracted to work with them.

They are very heart centred, and work up and down the core of the physical body.

On an Etheric state they balance and adjust all systems – ┬áchakras, meridians, and the auric fields. Opening of the 3rd eye is one of their specialties and connecting with Source and Grace. They clear out debris which no longer serves you, making way for new ideas, health and love to enter your Spiritual field.

There is nothing they cannot do (their words): Needing help in situations, they can help. Lost something? They will help you find it.

‘New Earth African Andaras’

Even though they are colourless, with a hint of champagne shine, they magnify whatever energy is focused through them.

You must be conscious and responsible in your use with them. It is important to hold to your highest intention to receive the most positive results. Where you put your attention most consistently determines what you will receive.

In this world, the vibrations move more slowly than on the higher planes. Consequently, there is usually a period of time between your vision and its fulfilment. Each person is different, so if the Guardian is of pure intention, manifesting can be instantaneous.


-They open the lungs so new breath can be achieved.

-Opening the heart space for love to heal.

-Working on the thymus to correct balance.

-They regulate circulation and blood flow, allowing the body to fully balance.

‘Other areas of Specialty’

These Andaras are especially helpful for those wanting to transcend.


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