AA360 Karibu Blue Ascension Set Polished 48g

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Ascension Sets

This Pair has specifically requested to work together as an Ascension Set.

They assure us that their guardians will be ready to work with them, and will require no further information or instructions at this stage.

As our Aquanaut Sets work with all elements of emotions and water, these are perhaps Aeronaut Sets, working with all air/spirit related issues.

Their specialty, however, is in raising our vibration ever higher toward Ascension. This enables the user, through spiritual practice and meditation, to receive codes of awakening, light and DNA Activations.

The Ascension Sets allow you to access spiritual  energetic upgrades to enable user to rise above the experience of duality, transcend negativity, and live as an awakened divine being in Physical form.

Karibu Blue African Andara

These delicate and beautiful pale blue Andaras are very much of the air element.

They are reminiscent of the Isis Andaras found in Egypt. Although they feel part of the same ‘family’ their energy has a subtle difference. Where the Egyptian Andaras hold a goddess energy, these new African Andaras have a gentle naive innocence. They feel untainted by the world.

Their energy is of an unworldly, almost heavenly gentleness. It is of the innocence of a young maiden, not yet the Goddess. Their knowledge is more of the sky and the heavens and the stars than of our earthly plane.


We feel these strongly in the throat and thyroid area, and upwards in a point through the crown.

Next they seem to expand the heart, then go to a focussed point into the earth. It feels like the body is encased in a dodecahedron (seed of consciousness).

We have noticed odd aches and pains in different articulations – shoulders, hips, knees, ankles. These Andaras tell us they are working to adjust DNA and that may cause temporary aches and pains to achieve their intended goal. They assure us the end result is well worth any short-term discomfort.

We are still to discover so much more information from these gentle beings.

They are an absolute must-have for every serious Andara collection

Other areas of specialty:

These Andaras are especially helpful with connecting to our Spirit Guides, Higher Self, Ascended Masters, Star Beings, and for some these will enhance mediumship abilities

They are definitely stones of Ascension.


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