AA272 African Earth Medicine Bag (69 grams)

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This Unique Set is perhaps the ultimate way to explore the diverse energies of African Andaras, and is exclusive to Andara Lovers.

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African Earth Medicine Bag

Andara Weight 69 grams

This Unique Set is perhaps the ultimate way to explore the diverse energies of African Andaras, and is exclusive to Andara Lovers.

The 5 Andaras are:

  • One Aqua Seafoam Andara
  • One Aqua Andara
  • One Bicolour Andara green/gold
  • One deep Sea Green Andara
  • One Forest Green Andara
  • One Macrame Necklet, so you may wear your chosen stone of the day as you wish.
  • A 2 ml bottle of our exclusive Earth Shaman Oil
  • All contained in a hessian carry bag.
  • Set has been activated using Tesla’s Scalar technology.


The Andaras in these particular sets insist on being combined in their rustic, natural state, to highlight their very raw, very earthy, very primitive origins. No polishing or shining is permitted!

Much care and attention has gone into the selection and matching of the sets to ensure they are compatible and happy to work together.


The future guardians are the Earth Shamans walking this earth plane.

The Bibis ask that these sets are handled with utmost respect and love, gradually absorbing the build-up of etherium via the hands. Their future guardian is asked to accept the healing that the minerals within the etherium provide.


Over a period of time, we will be writing detailed descriptions of each stone, then, as we are instructed (or more like permitted!), we will write of various methods to use these sacred sets in divining, healing, manifesting, and in various spiritual practices.

These sets of 5 stones represent the elements of Earth, Air, Fire Water and of course Spirit. They also represent the directions North, South, East and West, above/below.

These Andaras have the famous “Big 5” animals as totem animals. So much to explore, so much to learn…and for me, so much to translate into words in order that you, the future guardians, understand their importance as well as their rugged beauty!

We encourage you to take a walk on the wild side with us, and head on an African Safari to remember.


In addition to the general information on African Andaras (see link), these help us to discover the Β power, the spirituality and particularly the beauty of Africa. We are then asked to anchor that message within ourselves, and extend it throughout the Earth.

These African Andaras have been hidden away for many thousands of years, their time to shine is finally upon us.


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Weight 150 g

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