African Andara 12g *Schumann Activated (AA216)

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From time to time we are guided to do Special Activations on some of our pieces:

These ones have had an even more special ‘double dose’ energy hit. First, they were activated in our beautiful Oneness Grid (see photo) to bring peace, love and unity to the earth, and they were then activated to Schumann resonance, which is the frequency of the earth’s electro-magnetic field.

The Schumann frequency activation was done using Tesla technology.

According to Nasa, by tuning in to the planet’s own magnetic frequency of 7.83Hz, we may experience benefits such as enhanced learning/memory, body rejuvenation, balance, improved stress tolerance, anti-mind control, and grounding.

These activations make the Andaras simply amazing!


Asking us to stand up for ourselves and be confident, there is nothing weak or wishy-washy about an African Andara. They are very direct and firm, yet incredibly grounded. We need to be grounded when working with their strong, heady energy.

They encourage us to claim our power and become the sovereign beings we came here to be. They want us to claim the freedom and independence we rightly deserve.

Ironically, they have been hidden since ancient times in the most spiritual country, and yet the one with the least balanced power.

The very country that needs their beautiful message has been hiding them until the time was ripe for their release.

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