Aquanaut Collective 31 grams (AA181)

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Between these two specially combined pieces, they bring knowledge and wisdom in the Seafoam Elder, and the gentle water energy of the clear Aqua Andara

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Embark on a journey of exploration with the Aquanaut Collective, featuring the harmonious pairing of African Andara Seafoam Elder and Aqua African Andara. Inspired by the profound analogy of an Astronaut navigating deep space, the Aquanauts are beckoning you to explore the depths of water and emotions.

Intended to be worked with as a duo, these Andaras offer unique insights when meditated upon, with the seafoam variant in the left (receiving) hand and the clear aqua in the right hand. In this union, the Seafoam Elder imparts grounded knowledge and wisdom, while the clear Aqua Andara envelops you in gentle, tranquil water energy, reminiscent of a peaceful wave lapping at the shore.

Encouraging you to “test the waters,” this dynamic pair facilitates the exploration of emotions, especially in the context of reclaiming personal power and establishing sovereignty. Representing a gentle fusion of air and water, they invite you to begin the profound journey of self-discovery.

The light Aqua Andaras, among the potent African Andara spectrum, emanate a subtle yet undeniable power, making them an ideal starting point to acquaint yourself with their impactful energy. The Aquas, in particular, are abundant, signifying their importance in helping individuals attune to their energy and balance Earth’s grid lines in oceans and waterways.

Their transformative message resonates with those seeking ascension to a 5D reality, emphasizing the need to stand in one’s power with wisdom and love. Physically, their influence is felt in the lungs, promoting oxygenation and blood circulation, followed by a purifying effect on the kidneys. Working with these energies prompts an increased intake of water for optimal synergy.

Channeling insights received in April 2021 through Charmaine, the Aquanaut Collective offers a collective energy focused on removing fears, rejuvenating the self, uplifting Earth’s energies, and facilitating positive shifts in DNA, meridian lines, and planetary grid lines. Their reminder echoes the interconnectedness of humans with the planet.

Each set thoughtfully contains:

  • One Aqua African Seafoam Andara
  • Either a pale clear Aqua African Andara or a Sea-Green African Andara
  • White Macrame Basket
  • 5ml African Anointing Oil

Presented in a White Velvet drawstring carry bag, the choice of which pair resonates with you is a heartfelt decision, inviting you to embrace the transformative energies of the Aquanaut Collective.




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