AA008 Bibi Sea Green Altar Stone Andara 221 grams

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African Andara – Bibi Sea Green Altar Stone Andara


These Andaras hold the Grandmother energy, nurturing, yet firm. Loving, yet disciplined and definite.

These Andaras carry the flame of Power like no other andara, their lesson is for us to learn all about the balance of power, the mis-use of power, the need for establishing firm yet very definite boundaries, the ability to stand proudly in our own power. 

They are telling us to stand up for ourselves, have confidence in our own abilities. They want us to set our boundaries, and make certain to keep them. There is nothing wish washy about an African Andara. They are very direct, and very firm. They are incredibly grounded, and expect us to know how to make certain we are grounded before working with their strong, heady energy.

They expect us to claim our power, to become the sovereign beings we came here to be. They expect us to claim the freedom and independence  we deserve, that is our birthright.

How ironic really, when they have been hidden since the times of Atlantis and Lemuria in probably the most spiritual country of the world, and yet the one with the most unbalanced power on earth. The very country that needs their beautiful message to be able to redress the imbalance of power has been hiding them until the time was ripe for their release.

These Andaras feel like they physically work on the heart, and very very strongly on expanding the lungs – they can be felt through the full extent of the lungs, from shoulder to ribs, clearing any stuck energy.

They are incredibly grounded and grounding at the same time. They also feel quite heady, so may take a short time to acclimatise to their energy, their message is to earth yourself strongly when working with their particular energy.

The game-changers in the Andara world have arrived, and are ready to do their duty at long last.

Many of us are finally ready for the next step, the step towards reclaiming our power as our Sovereign  right, and stepping calmly and definitely into the confident, capable beings we are born to be.

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