A317 Lady Nellie Andara 31.5 grams

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Gem Lady Nellie Monatomic Andara

Our favourite of all the American Andara is this delightful blue, known within the Andara fraternity as a Lady Nellie Andara.

The Lady Nellie Andara, with its enchanting pale blue hue transitioning seamlessly to periwinkle, then to a deep blue, and even almost clear, is a remarkable testament to nature’s artistry. This exquisite piece holds a unique significance, having been discovered just before Lady Nellie’s passing. It is said to carry her spiritual heart energies, making it a cherished gem with a profound connection to her healing work.

The ever-shifting colors within the Lady Nellie Andara gem serve as a symbolic representation of Nellie’s ability to adapt and channel her heart energies to benefit all in her healing endeavors. This gem is regarded as a crystal of transmutation, a conduit for transformation, and a vessel for living in God’s grace. When one holds this gem, they are believed to be enveloped in a radiant aura of light and love, making it a precious talisman for those seeking spiritual growth and harmony.

In essence, the Lady Nellie Andara is not just a gemstone; it’s a radiant embodiment of love, healing, and divine grace.

It deserves pride of place in every serious Andara collection.

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