A307 Celestial Peach/Angel Aura Andara 23 grams

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Rare Bicolour Celestial Peach/Angel Aura Monatomic Andara

This delicate andara possesses strong angelic energy and radiates an “Aura” of heavenly vibrations. It offers protection while maintaining a soft and loving essence of the angels. The energy emitted by this andara envelops you in a divine embrace that must be experienced to be fully appreciated.

Celestial Peach Andara: Celestial Peach is a stone with a profound connection to divine love and compassion. It embodies the divine feminine energy, delivering light codes of love directly to the heart. It works to clear distortions surrounding love and aids in aligning one with their true essence.

Angel Aura Andara: Angel Aura adds a unique and distinct quality to the appearance and energy of Andara crystals. It envelops the crystal in a misty white veil of light, adorned with opalescent hints, exuding an aura of angelic spirituality. Angel Aura Andara brings a sense of peace, light, and spiritual healing. It uplifts the soul, facilitating one’s ability to spread their wings and soar into higher realms of consciousness.

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