A267 Gaia Green Seafoam Monatomic Andara 25 grams

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Gaia Green Seafoam Monatomic Andara

Light bright radiant green, this Andara energizes and supports new growth and rebirth. It’s vibrant colour unlocks hidden potential, moving one from their current level into the next, encouraging growth, opening and healing the heart. Allow it to expand your consciousness, and heal on all levels, then step into your higher heart.

If asked, these will assist their guardian to connect with Archangel Raphael energy to assist with growth and healing

Sea Foam Andara
Sea foam Andara Crystals – representing the primal waters of our conception, these Andara crystals resonate the original blueprints of creation as possibilities. Within its effervescent depths one is transported to the timelessness of ones being, with infinite potential and promise.

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Weight 25 g