A208 Terra Olive/Shaman Brown Andara 149 grams

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Terra Olive/Shaman Brown Bicolour Andara

Terra Olive, reminiscent of freshly pressed olive oil, embodies a profound connection between the earth and the transformative power of light. This unique Andara crystal, a bicolour of Shaman Brown combined with Terra Olive, symbolizes the alchemical process where light transmutes into life, mirroring the very essence of creation itself.

Just as light is converted into energy and vitality, this crystal invites us to transcend the boundaries between the ethereal and the tangible. It represents a harmonious synergy between the earthly and the spiritual realms, grounding us in the wisdom of the natural world while facilitating our spiritual ascension.

Terra Olive Andara serves as a reminder of the profound interplay between light and life, offering a path to deeper understanding and connection with the energies that shape our existence.

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Weight 149 g

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