A190 Opaque Shaman Brown/Iridium Black 43 grams

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Opaque Shaman Brown/Iridium Black Swirl

This exceptional opaque Andara crystal is a mesmerizing amalgamation of Shaman Brown and Iridium Black, crafting a bridge to profound spiritual realms. Shaman Brown, symbolizing earthly wisdom and grounding, mingles harmoniously with Iridium Black, which embodies the attainment of mystical enlightenment.

The deep, inky black hue has an enduring history as a symbol of the “Mastery of the Mysteries,” signifying the zenith of spiritual ascendance. Iridium, often referred to as the “Philosopher’s Stone” in alchemical lore, represents the ultimate transformation and enlightenment.

What sets this Andara crystal apart is its origin—a natural mineral deposit rich in monatomic minerals. Through a unique transmutation process, it transforms into a glass-like mineral complex. This remarkable fusion of colors and metaphysical properties makes this Andara a coveted tool for spiritual seekers. It is believed to provide profound insight, grounding, and illumination, serving as a conduit to explore the depths of consciousness and ancient mysteries. Its energy resonates with those on a quest for higher knowledge and spiritual growth.

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Weight 43 g

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