A100 Forte Veritas Seafoam Andara 95gm

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H: 5 cm

W: 7 cm

D: 3.5 cm

Forte Veritas Andara

This color of Monatomic Andara crystal has chosen the name Forte Veritas. Bordeaux in color, this Andara crystal specializes in the truth or veracity that one seeks beyond the ego or boundaries of this reality.  As in the saying, “In Vina Veritas”  or there is truth in wine, so too does this crystal reveal that which is hidden.

Sea Foam Andara – Sea foam Andara Crystals – representing the primal waters of our conception, these Andara crystals resonate the original blueprints of creation as possibilities. Within its effervescent depths one is transported to the timelessness of ones being, with infinite potential and promise.

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Weight 95 g