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Scalar Energy

Electricity is both a basic part of nature and one of the most widely used forms of energy. Electricity is everywhere, even in the human body, and is a key to human survival.  

Our cells are specialized to conduct electrical currents and electricity is required for the nervous system to send signals throughout the body and to the brain, making it possible for us to move, think and feel. All cellular living entities naturally product bio-scalar energy and our bodies have a bio-scalar energy field (‘energy field’) that is culturally known as an‘Aura’.

What disrupts our Energy Field?

It should be noted the many things in modern society can be disruptive to this energy field including what we eat, our use of health and hygiene products, and the impact of a multitude of man-made electronic waves (e.g., electronic transmission devices such as 5G mobiles phones) that may have a significant impact on the body’s energy field.  Such disruption can have a significant detrimental impact on our health, our wellbeing, and the quality and longevity of our lives.

Given the depletion of our energy field due to factors outlined above, the use of scalar energy is beneficial to allow our energy field to be refreshed and rebalanced.  

What is Scalar Energy?

The original concept of scalar energy was first described by James Maxwell in 1873,  and half a century later it was demonstrated by Nikola Tesla

Scalar energy can be generated electronically, magnetically, physically, biologically or optically.  Scalar energy is the result of two identical frequencies that come together from opposite directions and collide, which cancels out any free movement and creates a static (scalar) energy field. Some call this ‘Zero Point energy.  It is this Zero point energy field that brings our energy field into harmony and allows our nature energy system to repair, rejuvenate, and regenerate.

When the body has the right energy, it wants to heal everything and function optimally’

Properties of Scalar Energy

Properties of Scalar energy are non-linear and non-hertzian, which means:

  • The energy is static and not measurable by contemporary frequency instrumentation
  • It does not radiate like waves of traditional energy. Instead, it expands outwardly in radiating circles of energy that fill the environment
  • It is unbounded and is capable of passing through solid matter without loss of intensity
  • It carries information at a distance without decay It regenerates and repairs indefinitely
  •  Its signature can be infused into solid objects

Health Benefits of using Scalar Energy

The claimed health benefits from application of scalar energy include:

Reduced inflammation
Prevent cell clumping/aggregation
Enhances general circulation
Enhances immune & endocrine systems responses
Enhances cellular nutrition & detoxification
Enhances cellular permeability
Increases cellular voltage potential across the membrane (70-90 millivolt range)
Strengthens the body’s body-field, thus preventinelectromagnetic wave interference
Increased mental focus & concentration
Helps to protect DNA from damage
Helps to retard the aging process
Helps balance brain hemispheres
It carries information at a distance without decay
It regenerates and repairs indefinitely; and
Its signature can be infused into solid objects

Scalar Infused Objects

As stated earlier, one of the properties of Scalar energy is that its frequency/signature can be infused into solid objects, and this frequency/signature remains with the object indefinitely.

We at Andara Lovers, are great believers in the use of scalar energy and the many beneficial uses it provides.  For this reason, we have infused many of our products with scalar energy including:

Andara Jewellery
Our line of ‘frequency’ based products.
Andaras are the one crystal that actually radiate this frequency rather than just absorb it.
We believe this allows for an added energy shield, radiating around the wearer of these pieces.

If you wish to understand a little more about bio scalar energy the following link may help: