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Sacred Geometry – Torus Field

The Torus is a most basic yet incredibly important sacred geometry form. All energy, when correctly aligned, continually moves up and down and around, dancing between spirit and matter.

Torus Field Movement

Torus starts as a descent from spirit, or an ascent from matter, through a central channel or tube of light/energy/consciousness. This energy can only go a certain distance in one direction before it doubles back on itself, returning to source, gaining energy, then going forward again.

The point where it changes direction is known as the Zero Point. The energy moves in the shape of an infinity sign.

What happens when this energy is Balanced?

As humans, when we are functioning correctly, our energy is this toroidal pattern. We are balanced and happy.

When we are out of harmony with universal energy, the energy stops flowing, and becomes blocked or unhealthy. There is no movement happening.

Eventually the universe corrects itself – maybe not this lifetime, but the situation will re-appear until resolved and both spirit and matter are in harmony.

It stands to reason that if you are feeling stagnant or stuck, to get that healthy momentum, then incorporating the Torus field  into your life is very beneficial. The situation is the same if your home, land, neighborhood, or workplace needs to be correctly energized.

Our new Light Body Activators:

Once we understood the importance of this Field, we knew it was time to develop a range of Torus products using Andaras. These are activated with Teslas Scalar energy to enhance our human light body. Scalar energy also uses the infinity movement.

This is now our Light Body Activator Range, which incorporates Torus discs that can be worn by adults, children, and even our precious pets.

Shortly we will also have Light Body Activators  for a room, an apartment, or an entire house. Our priority is getting the wearable Toroid shaped as soon as we can.

Why we are convinced Andaras are perfect:

Firstly, because we ARE Andara lovers!

The very nature of Andaras is to project rather than absorb light, so we knew they were the perfect stone to have around to shift the energy within us, our homes, and our lives. Our thought was that the Scalar energy, when imprinted into Andara, would provide a much greater energy field.

Our sincere hope is that the increased energy field provided by Andaras would help mankind by spreading this 5d infinity energy around the earth. Only time will tell if we can achieve this goal.

Further reading on the Torus 

Here is a link for a You Tube video by Spirit Science, shared with much gratitude