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Sacred Geometry and Andaras


Large Merkaba Chakra Boxed Set

the Vision

To illustrate how we have combined Sacred Geometry and Andaras, we first need to take a  little  journey back in time.

The day my first Andara was due to be delivered, I awoke to an amazing vision. Starting far away from me was a huge ray of  white light. It seemed to rush towards me.

As it got closer it became more clearly defined and I instantly recognised the shape of Metatron’s cube.

Heading towards me at the speed of light, it was getting smaller and smaller, until it became a tiny white light which entered  my third eye.

The feeling

Flooded with an incredible and overwhelming feeling of peace, happiness, and love, I kept hearing over and over the words  ‘I am’, ‘I am’, ‘I am’, and knew without a doubt Sacred Geometry and Andaras were important together.
I just had no idea how or why.
Five minutes later the buzzer rang and my first Andara was delivered.
Click here to find out more about Sacred Geometry

Changing Direction

More time went by, and after working with Andaras from the USA, Charmaine and I eventually knew  we were to import and sell Andaras, partiularly the elusive African ones. We had been lead on a merry dance with those, and decided temporarily to give up our search, as they were proving to be problematic.
Leaving it to the Andaras to sort out the African dramas, we decided to focus our attention on SE Asia.

SE Asian Andaras

With the first delivery from SE Asia, we knew we needed to focus on the subtle and quite delicate energy of their Andaras exclusively for a time. Radiating happiness, sparkle and so much love, they are almost beyond words.
SE Asian Andaras are pure feeling, and that feeling is overwhelmingly of LOVE.

Sacrd Geometry

Eventually we found a supplier we enjoy working with. In his quieter times, he was carving, faceting and polishing Andaras to set into jewellery. Coincidentally, some months after we came in contact with him, he became interested in all things Sacred Geometry.

Together we developed what we wanted for ourselves, and what we wanted to have available for our customers.  We now have a lovely and ever-expanding range of grids, boxed sets, pendants, geometric shapes, altar pieces, merkaba, platonic solids.

Here is a link to our beautiful range of Sacred Geometry items:


We had a clear vision of  having Metatrons Cube and Flower of Life grids in Rose Gold as a backdrop for the high vibrational Merkaba.
We wanted every available colour and size Andara ourselves, so we assumed many others would want a complete collection too. So that’s how it went! Now we can do them in small or medium and large sized Andaras.
We also have some Altar pieces being produced currently

Using the Grids

We both love having Altars set up at home. Charmaine especially loves creating mandalas and all things ceremonial.
Setting up a Metatron’s Cube or Flower of Life Grid with the colourful high vibration of Andaras is a fun thing to do. We experiment with different colour combinations – pastel one week, vibrant another.
Occasionally we may add other crystals as well, they love doing duty with Andara energy. Plants, leaves, shells or flowers can also be included.
We may assign a colour with a certain intention only known to ourselves, perhaps for chakra balancing, energising, manifesting, clearing. At times we write concepts or ideas on a note and pop it under the grid of the week.
There is no end to the ways these can be used, and it is limited only by the imagination of the guardian.
The Andaras regularly suggest their preferences too  of course – they love designing grids.