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One day there was a post on Facebook that really got my attention.

It was  a photo of a glassy looking crystal alongside an oracle card. Unable to get this image out of my mind, I began researching to find out what it was.

After discovering this glassy looking crystal was known as an Andara, I read everything I could find online. There were just so many images of beautiful coloured Andaras.

The strange thing was that with every image seen, I knew more and more information about them instinctively.

There were so many conflicting stories about them it became quite confusing, so I contacted the friend whose page I saw, and enquired where I could find a reliable source to purchase one.

My dear friend Charmaine was living in Durban at that time, so when she awoke, I mentioned my interesting discovery, and naturally she also began to research and was also activated by photographs on-line.

The first Andaras

Within no time I had ordered my first Andara. The instant my payment was processed, I started to get downloads of copious amounts of information.

After contacting the re-seller, I ordered another two pieces. Seems you cannot stop at one!

The next day I saw a pendant that I knew I needed to wear.  As luck would have it, the pendant arrived the day before my original order.

It kept telling me I needed to wear it first, so I could interpret the messages from the pieces still to arrive.

The first meeting

When they actually arrived, I thought I had pretty much attuned to the energy already. As soon as I opened the parcel and looked at them, however, I fell asleep for about two hours. It was only 10am!

I woke very refreshed, and yet knowing there was a specific task Charmaine and I were to undertake eventually. I also knew that many, more pieces to a puzzle would need to be collected until the final task would be unfolded.

As I write, I know there is still much to discover that we will eventually do with Andaras, yet at this stage it is about gathering information, and biding our time.

Next day the delivery containing an Ishtari, a Celestial Green Elder and a Sovereign Amethyst arrived…..I was in heaven!

Charmaine had a trip to Bali booked. She ordered pieces from the USA to be delivered to my home, and I was to deliver them to her partners daughter. They arrived about 10 days later, the same day she boarded a flight to Australia, Bali trip cancelled.

The Andaras were not waiting to be delivered to Charmaine, they wanted to meet her as soon as possible.