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Life with Andaras


Andaras are pure light energy medicine that can change your life forever. The elements of diamond, coal, platinum, gold and many other minerals are the infusion of purity within the stones.

Placed on any part of the body, they shine their monatomic light fractures to change the energy frequency to a much higher degree. They will work on you in layers, somewhat like the layers of an onion, making changes all the while.

Whatever path you need to be on they will set you on your path of destiny.

Andaras choose their guardian

Andaras actually choose you, not you them, and when they have done their work, they will move on. Sometimes they just go missing.  Often they ask you to move them on to the next person who is ready to change their life.

They help manifest the great things you want in your life. Holding incredibly positive energy, they always want the best for you. Andaras allow us the freedom to change our lives for the better, knowing we can be so much more than we think.

Life with Andaras are so exciting, always taking us on paths that lead us to amazing outcomes. Placing an Andara on your crown or third eye will open your spiritual gifts and knowledge.

Andaras are happy, positive friends. Once you accept them and ask them to assist you on your path, changes start to occur quite suddenly, even daily.

Andara friendships can last forever. Once you own an Andara, you are always hooked into their beauty and charisma.

Caring for your Andara

Although they never need cleansing, they will tell you what to do, when to do it, where to take them, and how to treat them. They love being fussed over, and love the sun, sand, and water, pretty much like a kid out to play.

Treat your Andara like a pet, taking them on outings, carrying them with you, sleeping with them next to your bed, and keep them in your workspace. They are so open to lots of love and attention, and remind us that we also need to open ourselves to love and attention.

Never underestimate the power of your Andara. The power is not in their size, they are just as powerful when they are small pieces. As we said, they are pure light energy medicine that can change your life forever.

You will often see rainbow fractures shining through them, and the most amazing colours when held up to the sun.

In times of Lemuria, it is said that the cities where all built out of Andaras. They hold immense healing energy, and are life-changing like no other crystal.