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African Earth Medicine Bags 

Water – Emotions

The Andaras wanted us to make up sets of the various coloured African Andaras.  These African Earth Medicine Bags are the result. Relating to all things water, they represent our emotions.

By working with these pieces one by one, we are able to understand and process our deepest emotions. Only then are we able to release them and stand in our power.


These Andaras are the most natural format possible.  Just like Africa, they are rustic, they are primative, they are raw,  they are earthy and they are very rugged. This is deliberate.

The African Andaras hold the primal energy of the most remote and isolated parts of Africa. They are NOT the regular eye-candy Andaras we are used to seeing.

As you are likely aware, Andaras are found where the soil contains Etherium, which has more than 70 minerals.The very same minerals that make up our bodies.


The guardians of these sets will absorb the minerals through their skin whilst handling the stones in the African Earth Medicine Bags. As a result, the andaras will shine more as they are handled.

We also suggest hand polishing them with sand, then washing them in the ocean to spread their energy into the water. These work very powerfully in oceans and waterways.

African Andara Anointing Oil

The African Earth Medicine Bags contain a small bottle of custom made anointing oil.  This blend includes a number of traditional organic African essential oils, and attunes us to the African Andara energy.

Two of the oils used are the beautiful Cape Lavender and Baobab.


The African Earth Medicine Bags contain:

  • Aqua Seafoam Elder.
  • Aqua Andara.
  • Bicolour- Aqua and Gold.
  • Sea Green Andara.
  • Deep Sea Green  Andara.
  • Tan Macrame pouch necklet.
  • 2 ml bottle of Andara Lovers African Andara oil.
  • Packed in in a Hessian drawstring carry bag.
  • All Sets are activated using Tesla’s Scalar vibrational energy.

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Future Guardians:

The guardians of these sets are the Earth Shamans who walk this earth, loving, respecting and caring for nature.


Representing the elements and the directions, each of the five Andaras in the African Earth Medicine Bags also has a season and a moon phase.

The famous “Big 5” animals are their totem animals.

They represent different African tribes and carry their history, spirituality and legacy to anchor throughout the Earth. They can travel where the tribes and the totem animals are unable to reach.

After hiding away for many thousands of years, the African Andaras have arrived. Now is their time to shine.


The Big Five

The Big Five African animals


Using the Afrixan Earth Medicine Bag

We hghtly recommend working with each Andara on its own to begin with. We get used to each one by wearing or meditating with it on its own, then combine the pieces.

Roll the annointing oil on the third eye chakra, then place one of the andaras there and meditate.

We eah Have our Own Experience

Ask questions, and listen carefully – you may see an image, feel an emotion, hear a voice, or you may just know something new. It is a different experience for everyone.

Once you have worked with each of them alone, start to use them in pairs. Pop them into the macrame basket and wear them around your neck.

What order is best to begin with?

My personal preference is to begin with the Seafoam, which is the knowledge keeper, the Elder of the Set.

I would then work from pale aqua, to the Bicolour, the slightly deeper aqua, and lastly the deep green, which is the most powerful energy of the African Andaras. Listen to your own guidance though, you may be drawn to a different order altogether.

Dive Right In

I liken the process of working with these to standing at the edge of the surf where the waves hit the shore, churning up the sand. It always feels bubbly and effervescent, it tickles the toes.

Gradually move to the clear shallow water, then move into the surf where the waves break and stir up the sand.

After that, dive deeper through the waves, courageously swimming out to deeper and deeper water until you are totally immersed.

Turn and feel yourself wash back into shore on a wave, only to begin again, refreshed, energised and totally free.

Feel the energy, experience the exhilaration and revel in the power!

Be Guided

Place one on your third eye chakra, and hold one in each hand.  They can then be placed on different chakras. Notice the difference each time you change their positions.

Experiment confidently  – there is no right or wrong, no good or bad. It is often a matter of trial and error to discover what works best for you.

As a general rule with Andaras, we often absorb their information as we sleep, so placing one under your pillow is another suggestion.

Meditating with an Andara, then doing automatic writing works for many people. We are all different, so our ways of getting messages are also different

See notes on the ‘Big 5’ here:

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