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Shaman Sacred Clearing Spray

This magical  Shaman Sacred Clearing Spray opens and awakens the pathways of the brain, allowing your psychic gifts to be enhanced.

The high frequency of this spray will raise your vibration. It allows you to set in motion changes needed to enhance your future.  It is an amazing spray to use during Meditation.

When sitting in this vibration you will feel a strong sense of Divine Presence.  The spray will also stimulate the 3rd eye, and balance your male and female aspects of self.

Ways to Use the  ShamanSacred  ClearingSpray

You may want to spray this sacred clearing spray:

  • Spray over your bed before going to sleep, to help you remember your dreams.
  • used in Rituals and Ceremonies to facilitate connection to the Spiritual and Animal Realm
  • use as a protection spray
  • Spray around your Aura at anytime when feeling uneasy or vulnerable.

Some if the ky Ingredients of the Clearing Spray

This spray contains the following essential oils: Helychrysum , Baobab, Marula, Lemon and May Chang .