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African Andaras – General Information

We asked the African Andaras if they would care to introduce themselves, and provide us with some General Information they wanted us to convey to Andara Lovers everywhere.

Here is their response, we hope you enjoy reading about our beauty-filled Bibis.

Is there a name for the African Andaras?

Actually, there is a name for African Andaras. They asked us to refer to them as Bibis. 

When we researched the meaning of this name, we discovered it meant ‘grandmother’. Bibis hold that grandmotherly energy –  loving and indulgent, and yet with a firm no-nonsense undertone.

They want us to develop into the best human beings we are capable of being.

Although they love us beyond words, occasionally they are very blunt and direct, particularly when it comes to the darkest green pieces.

African Andaras hold the Grandmother energy. They are nurturing yet firm, loving yet disciplined.

Love, Power or Wisdom?

Some General Information we have been given to date:

Carrying the flame of Power like no other Andara, the Bibis expect us to to know how to balance that power wisely. They clearly show us where and when to set firm boundaries. At the same time, they want us to use our Wisdom, and then see everything through the eyes of  Love.

For that reason, they expect that prior to working with African Andaras,  they highly recommend we fully understand the messages from Andaras from the US (Wisdom) and Asia (Love).

What is the most important Message of the African Andaras?

Asking us to stand up for ourselves and be confident, there is nothing weak or wishy-washy about an African Andara. They are direct and firm, yet incredibly grounded. We must also make certain we are grounded when working with their strong, heady energy.

They encourage us to claim our power and become the sovereign beings we came here to be. We are asked to claim the freedom and independence we rightly deserve, and that our forefathers wanted for us.

Ironically, they have been hidden since ancient times in the most spiritual country, and yet the one with the least balanced power. The very country that needs their beautiful message  has been hiding them until the time was ripe for their release.

‘Freedom and Sovereignty for all’ is their catchcry

How do they work with us Physically?

African Andaras can be felt expanding the lungs from shoulder to ribs, clearing any stuck energy.

They allow us to fill our lungs with life-giving oxygen. Then, flowing freely through our circulatory system, they do their magic. Once our blood is oxygenated, we are able to increase our energy and stamina. Next, they work through our bodies, clearing and cleansing, eliminating waste.

They are particularly active at the heart and third eye chakras, encouraging us to follow our hearts and see for ourselves the direction we ought to be following.

Bibis encourage us to go inside, to think for ourselves rather than follow the crowds and popular opinions.

When you are ready to reclaim your power, to step calmly and definitely into the confident being you are born to be, know that the Bibis will be waiting to guide you.

The game-changers in the Andara world have arrived, and are more than ready to do their duty.

There will be so much more on African Andaras – General Information to come as we move forward.